We're family- owned and operated. Our owner, Jim Hetrick and his family have been involved in the construction,  remodeling and radon mitigation business since 1980. We're a part of your local community and we're  here to help.

Why us?

About us

 We can fix electrical problems, plumbing issues,  install flooring, decks, kitchen and bath remodels.  After forty years in the local home building and  remodeling business, we've seen a lot – chances are your problem isn't something we haven't seen before.

We're here when you need a hand...

Problems always creep up and, if you don't how to solve them, it can be really intimidating. We understand that and no matter what the problem is, you can depend on us, we are here to help.

RADOn Mitigation

Repair &  Remodeling Service
PA HIC# 037494